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well im realy bored of newgrounds soooo..... i dont go on ng much anymore.
i also gave up music a while ago but just havent had the time to submit dis post.
so yea wateva......
i only gave up music cuz i was bored and wanted to play runescape......

well since i cant realy be botherd to do any animation im just either going to be making music or playing games.
so yeah wateva!

Dam! Brother blocked acc

2008-03-01 18:51:34 by zXflameXz

oh well at least im animating now.

I dont like you Liam how dare you block my acc!
im making a madness called madness war zone and its going to be a bit like madness arena by pinpimj.
also im awaiting you on wraith dam it pinpimj!
hehe lol monorail cat

Dam! Brother blocked acc